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Cushy CMS...Just about the most simple and easy to use content management system out there. Even if you're not good on html editing you can do this!

- Clive Howick

Cushy is AWESOME.  I'm currently using it on websites for two bars.  Cushy allows me to have the managers & owners update specials,  cocktail, beer & menu items on the fly! This allows our patrons have up to the minute information on any changes.

- David Maurio

Awesome! This is exactly what I needed: a CMS that doesn't require me to redesign my whole site and is extremely easy to install. Now my clients can update their site without having to know HTML.

- David Greene

I've never had some many clients just 'get it' like they do with Cushy. It's dead simple to setup and dead simple to use.  Never have I had clients commend a CMS I've implemented for being easy to use until Cushy.

- Joe Lacker, Celsius

Our compnay recently started using CushyCMS for our clients, even though there are larger scale CMS options out there CushyCMS really helps us help our clients, its simple to create and clients don't have to worry about paying extra for "fancy hosting options"; not to mention it's SO SIMPLE. Keeping our clients happy is our number one priority, and CushyCMS really helps us do that!

- Ethan Frances, Raiin Media Group

I've implemented a few different cms systems for my clients. CushyCMS is easily the easiest to implement and much more user friendly than other setups. Usually I expect clients to come back with issues but with cushy this has never been the case..well done!

- Peter, V-Interactive

I find CushyCMS to be easy to install for developers and simple to use for my clients, Content Management System. I Would recommend it to anyone looking for a light-weight, web-based CMS for your site(s)!

- Robb Corbett, Cape Breton Web Design Company

Cushy CMS is so easy to use, a few clicks and away you go! i really enjoy using the wysiwyg editor as its the most stable one i have come across so far. I love being able to jump onto my site and tweak the content from anywhere!

- Jason Christie

We needed a simple reliable system to allow our client to update pics and pricing info, a full CMS would have taken much too long to build and would have provided a lot of unnecessary functionality.Cushy was incredibly quick and easy to set up and our client is extremely happy with it.

- Dave Wright, Twizzlebird Design

I Love this system. As a solo web designer with too many sites, it gives my clients just enough access to keep their sites up to date without providing it to me first. Great system, keep up the improvements..Thanks

- Cassy Campbell

Cushy CMS allows me to give my clients the ability to edit their content without worrying about the design or layout getting out of whack.  Very simple and easy to use.  2 thumbs up!

- Michael Stuart

I am a self taught web designer who still has so much to learn. I have used Cushy on a number of sites. I have found it so easy to use and have never had any problems with it. My clients are really pleased and find it a simple process to edit content on their sites. Thank you Cushy.

- Sue King

Cushy CMS has one major advantage over every other CMS I've tried - simplicity. That's pretty much like being a racing car that goes much faster than all the others! Far too many CMS systems look to provide ways for end users to do more than what they want to, but the fact is that the great majority of non-techies just want a CMS to let them change text and images without damaging the code. So I use Cushy, which makes that easy.

- Geoff Kendall, Image Coder

Cushy CMS is the simplest CMS solution available for quick and easy editing of websites. The genius of Cushy is the ability to specify what you want the client to be able to edit through DOM class naming.  This way you get to retain the flexibility of coding your own site from scratch and are not bogged down with the intricate taxonomies of other systems.

- Charlie Hoover

CushyCMS allows me to design my client's website freely, without the need for me to learn PHP. I can just insert a class and title where the website owner or editor needs to update, make them an editor and they're off. I still even have full control over the look and feel of the site.

- Jack Cutting

I use CushyCMS because they meet all my needs to offer my clients free CMS. It is simple and super easy to use!

- Rikke Lovring

Cushy has made developing dynamic and interesting sites with a basic CMS much more feasible. It has definitely changed the way we develop.

- Flique Creative

Cushy is the BEST CMS out there because it's by far the easiest to use for clients; by far the easiest to set up for the web designer and Branding. My customers see my branding while they make edits to their website, that is priceless.

- Paul Pennow, Minnow Web Design

I needed a CMS which was easy to install and allowed clients to edit certain parts of the site. Cushy was perfect. A quick html edit and the sites were ready to go.

- Keyan Mynhardt

Cushy CMS is one of the perfect easy CMS I have ever seen. It simple to navigate and orientate. Best Practice for Everyone! Thanks Cushy CMS I have lots of satisfied clients

- Vanessa

CushyCMS allows me to easily give my clients a simple way to manage the content of their website. I am so pleased that there is a (free!) tool like CushyCMS!

- Brad Hussey

I love CushyCMS!!  I had our website build by a professional developer, but as the owner of the business, I want to be able to make quick changes to the website myself.  CushyCMS lets me do that.  Thank you!!

- Lee Matricaria

CushyCMS makes it quick, easy and simple for me to let my clients update certain aspects of their websites themselves without any hassle!

- Craig Phillip Bainton, CPB Design

I absolutely love CushyCMS!  It has provided an easy way for my clients to update their sites.  It just works and my clients say it's very easy to use.  I highly recommend it!

- John Wooten

Cushy has allowed me to convert a legacy PHP site with absolutely no CMS back-end into a fully updatable site. We have been using Cushy for more than a year and it has saved the club thousands of dollars in printing costs.  With Cushy, I am able to hand over site updates to a hand full of content editing dog enthusiasts, instead of spending a lot of late nights updating content!

- Matt Sidesinger

CushyCMS has been a great solution for our organization. I could design the website to best reflect the Fellowship without the limitations or complexity of other content management systems. Members of our different committees can update their own pages to keep their info up to date. And it's easy for them to learn so very little support has been required on my part!

- Christopher Miller

I maintain a handful of freelance projects for non-profits and small startup businesses (that have no budget for things like a bloated, complicated CMS system). I use Cushy for every one of them. All I need is for my clients to get into certain areas of their site to make small text and link changes when appropriate. Implementation was a snap - add a class to the content, add the page in Cushy, and presto - editable sites! My clients can even upload photos and links. Thanks so much for providing such a perfect, lightweight tool for free.

- Kelly Sikkema

Our clients love using the system. It is easy to use and relatively affordable

- Brad Taylor, Olympus Web

CushyCMS is a very user friendly website editor for those not seasoned in web site design.  You can add pages, edit text, and even upload multimedia directly from youtube with ease.  So far this has been the best CMS tool that I've seen.

- Ryan S. Gillum

CushyCMS allowed me to easily integrate a hosted CMS solution for my clients. I had a client that insisted on editing his site with Dreamweaver. He didn't know a scrap of HTML and I would constantly get calls because he broke something. It was then that I found out about CushyCMS. It took 5 minutes to install and now, I don't get annoying calls asking me to fix something he broke.

- Justin Edleson

I just started using CushyCMS, and I find that the system is awesome! Now I just need to fix a small scripting error and I can really run my small biz site the way I need to in order to run my bigger papercrafting competitors into the ground!

- Nate Zhang

As a freelance web and print designer, cushy has been a godsend. Setup is easy, it takes 5 minutes to get the client educated and ready to start rocking their own updates!

- Kerrigan Marois

More and more, I find that clients want the ability to make content updates themselves, without having to know  labyrinthine technicalities of code and design. CushyCMS provides this ability. It's been a great tool for ensuring client satisfaction--direct, simple to implement, easy to use. I was searching for a service that could do this for me, and was very glad to find you. Thanks again!

- Cleocello

CushyCMS is an elegant solution to the typical request that clients be able to update small sections of their website. This CMS was able to interpret my code and format it in a very intuitive way, I am very impressed. The product definitely fills a void in the market of small business end users. Thank you.

- Corbin Child

I've wanted to use Cushy in one of my projects for the last year and finally was able to do so with one of my client's websites that was built this summer. I knew it would be easy, so I wasn't too worried about it. After finishing all the coding everything that was necessary on my part, I signed up for a Cushy account, set up the FTP account information for my client's site, and proceeded to copy and paste the class='cushycms' code everywhere that was applicable. Holy crap, after five minutes I was done adding all the pages to the Cushy account and clicking each one to make sure everything was the way it should be. I knew it was going to be easy, but this blew me away-- easily one of the most innovative websites I've come across, ever!!!

- Desmond Preston

I love cushy! I really do! It is so easy to update my site so that I can keep it fresh....thanks cushyCMS!

- Paige Smith, PSDesign

CushyCMS is simply brilliant as a web designer I can give my customers full access over their website to make changes and updates themselves and how much does it cost, nothing!!! Its simply brilliant!!!

- Andy Mills

This is one of the most accessible content management systems I have tried to date.  My clients are happy to be empowered with the ability to edit their sites and I still have total control over what they can or cannot do - thus protecting the integrity of the site.

- Dianne Grant

I LOVE CushyCMS! CushyCMS makes it easy for my clients to update text and images on their website, without having to contact me and wait to have their changes made. This site has saved me more time than I even know!

- Jessica Greenwalt

I just signed up for CushyCMS and am floored at how easy it is to use!  Finally - I can now offer my clients a way to change their own sites. I just love the beautiful/simple interface and plan to sign up for a Pro account soon. :-)

- Kelli Swan

This has been very useful for my clients who have static sites and didn't have the budget the upgrade to a CMS solution. Creating editable regions was super simple. My clients feel empowered to make their own updates and the 'Can you change this text?' emails have greatly been reduced

- Nii Ankrah

I design websites for music artists. CushyCMS is the perfect tool for any musician able to write an email to update and edit their own sites. I even use CushyCMS to update my personal websites. It's fast, easy and even fun.

- Vidar Skrede

CushyCMS is 'freakin awesome. It's perfect for a small site like mine. No need to divide your site in to different php files. Which is good because this is my first time using any sort of CMS.

- Stanley Diaz, Stanley Diaz Design

Just want to let you know that using Cushy has been very convenient. It has allowed me the flexibility to update my events on my time. No waiting. When an event is over I can pull it off my site to make room for the next one. This helps keep my events page fresh and people coming back to see what is next. No waiting for the site manager to make changes.

- Jessica's Tea Room

CushyCMS is great to use. My PHP skills are very basic, and setting up other CMS programs have never really panned out. Once I stumbled upon Cushy, talk about setting up easy edits for my clients. Before I had to do all the edits for them and it was taking up way too much time. This way it's free and easy for everyone!  Thanks Cushy!

- Daniel Doucet

I still can't believe how easy to use cushycms is. I love this! Thank you so much for making a cms achievable to anyone.

- Aura Scaringi

We had been looking for an effective content management system to use for our clients work that would be cost effective, user friendly for our clients, and a professional look with our branding. We are so glad we found CushyCMS. It has been easy to navigate for our site setups and very effective for our clients. CushyCMS has proven to be an effective tool for our company!

- Johnnie Clark, Hydrate Studios Inc

We are a small web development company serving mostly small clients in Colorado. Cushy CMS has provided a great solution for clients interested in frequently updating parts of their website, but for whom a full CMS may be overkill. After a couple of months of successful free use, we are going Pro! We appreciate your 'simply terrific' service.

- Margeret, Durango Colardo Web & Graphic Design

I have just started using Cushy CMS for a number of websites, and boy am I pleased! I was told about Cushy CMS by a friend. I have thanked him many times for bringing it up in conversation. The ability to updating my time-sensitive content from any computer is a God-send! Thanks Cushy!

- Jessica Molchan, Disney Made Simple

Dear Cushy, WOW! Have you made my life (and that of my clients easier!) I am just starting up, but when I get to that point, YOU will be one of my first professional purchases! I love the fact you offer this to us for free...You have my consumer loyalty for that factor alone! Keep up the great work! My clients LOVE you and so do I!

- Karen Eckstrom, Jack Pine Web Design

Hey guys, this is the best thing since the sliced bread. Its instant, you can set it up with a half of a brain and it does not have all that normal php slow-my-site overheads. I am completely mesmerised. THANK YOU for a miracle!

- David Olsan

" I really like Cushy CMS. It allows me to lock down certain areas of the website yet still allow my clients to make edits as they need too. They are very proud of their site ... but even prouder that they can now take part in it. Thank you CushyCMS.com! " - Kimberlee Valvick
" Cushy is a great and easy way to enable my web design clients to manage simple content on their websites without any.  Simple. Easy. Cost Effective.  Everybody wins every time! " - Mark Romanalli
" CushyCMS provides an economical solution for clients that would like a CMS, but do not need, or have the budget for the setup and customization of a 'full blown' CMS. With CushyCMS I can have a client's static site editable by them in under 1 hour. " -- Matthew Ginop, MCG Web Development, Inc.
" CushyCMS provides an economical solution for clients that would like a CMS, but do not need, or have the budget for the setup and customization of a 'full blown' CMS. With CushyCMS I can have a client's static site editable by them in under 1 hour. " - Matthew Ginop, MCG Web Development, Inc.

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