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For years I have been looking for a low cost solution for small businesses that would allow them to have an updatable news section without the large costs involved. Cushy allows me to offer a bolt-on service for my clients after the site has been completed, and helps to create a monthly revenue.

- Chris Holland, 9G Design

Cushy is a really user-friendly solution for brochure websites that don't need a complex CMS.

- Lizy Gershenzon, Lizyjoy

I have been 'Cushyfying' clients websites for about a year now. They love it, because it gives them control and flexibility, and I love it because it reduces my workload.

- Mike Coombes, KTF Design

CushyCMS uma ferramenta fantstica! Simples, rpido e eficiente. Recomendo.

- Bruno Calheira, Calheira Sob Medida

I have found Cushy CMS to be reliable and above all else it,s easy to use.  An excellent content management system I recommend it to anybody.

- David Walsh

Cushy CMS es una exelente herramienta muy practica y facil de utilizar y que facilita el editar el contenido de manera muy facil.

- Gilberto

An almost too-good-to-be-true service. Saves us and our customers hours and makes the whole CMS process as easy as sending an email.

- 2 Kilo Design

Having never setup a cms system for a client before, i found Cushy to be very easy and straightforward to implement. I did dabble with wordpress, joomla etc, but I think it was too time consuming to setup and overly complex for my users. For that reason I chose Cushy, and its worked a treat! Thanks!

- Peter

After dealing with many messy, time consuming and broken installs that website updaters don't use anyway, it is a breath of fresh air and a weight of my shoulders to have CushyCMS to manage web content.

- Pushka Ben

I found Cushy completely by accident but since then i've found it a great tool to provide easy, simple and very well thought out editing for my websites and also customers websites. Cushy CMS is quite simply brilliant.

- Damien, Discus Systems

Cushy CMS is as easy and simple as you can get when it comes to enabling a client to easily modify content on their own website. Compared to other CMS programs and scripts, Cushy CMS has been a great time saver and cost saver as it takes just a few minutes to create and implement into a web page.

- Frank Okun, Nevada Website Design

I have found Cushy CMS to be easy to understand and use. My clients love the simple login and edit. It is easy to update their sites quickly without needing to know any HTML. Thank you again for this wonderful service.

- lindsey Bidwell, Chunky Monkey Creative

Cushy CMS has transformed my life!  It is the perfect tool for giving my clients the freedom to edit their own content when it would not be appropriate to use a huge CMS infrastructure.  Thank you Cushy!

- Lawrence Snow-Shiva

As a graphic designer with very little server side experience, I was struggling to find a content management system that was easy to install and fulfilled all my requirements. Cushy CMS has literally saved me thousands in development costs and is without doubt the best CMS on the market!!

- Dan Batholomerw, Web Designs Eastbourne

I have just discovered CushyCMS and it has made the job of passing over content control for selected areas of websites I have created to their owners a breeze. It's so easy, anyone can use it!

- Brenda Bourne, WebWoman Tasmania

CushyCMS is just the plain and simple CMS that my customers and I were waiting for. Without the hassle of a full-blown CMS, my customers are more inclined to actually use the tool for their updates - instead of asking me to do so. Installation is as simple as it could get. Wonderful tool. Spread the word.

- Micha Gotz, MGC&D

We've built a business model off of cushy and our clients LOVE how easy it is to update their websites! Thank you Cushy for being an amazing company that strives for constant growth.
- The Control Yours Team, Control Yours I have loved the versatility of Cushy! Our previous website was limited and required that one person make changes. The creativity that we can have now without having to run everything through one person is more efficient, fun, and beneficial for our readers. Who would know that our professional looking site could be so user-friendly! Thank you! I'm no longer lost in the virtual tangle!

- Sharon, Mom and Loving It

The workshops we provide help people make email management easy and quick. As such, I like the tools I use to be exactly that. Easy... and quick. CushyCMS is the tool of choice, instant implementation, 5 min explanation to any level of user and they can manage their own content. Love it!

- Richard Wolfe, Email Handyman

I LOVE Cushy CMS. It makes handing off a website to a client so much easier. No more annoying emails requesting a copy change from 'a' to 'the' or the addition of an ellipsis instead of a comma. It is amazingly simple to use, with a good looking interface as well.

- Scott Henning, Plastic Ink

Dank CushyCMS kann ich meinen Kunden ein einfach zu bedienendes CMS-System anbieten, welches keinerlei Einarbeitung oder Schulung benötigt. Für mich als Designer & Programmierer bieten sich alle Freiheiten bei der Umsetzung und bei der validen und sauberen Programmierung. Außerdem benötigen bzw. verschwenden wir keinerlei Server-Ressourcen. CushyCMS: Einfach, unkompliziert, technisch hervorragend - einfach PERFEKT!

- Andreas Weinand, Abstr@kt Design

I was looking for something simple and effective.  CushyCMS is both.  It's exactly the simple to use and easy to implement CMS system I was looking for.

- Sal Piccatagio

CushyCMS is by far the greatest CMS around, Its perfect for me being a freelance website design due to clients finding it easy to use and me finding it fast and simple to implement.

- Josh Kaile, Josh Kaile

Cushy CMS is quick and easy to set up and ultra simple for my clients to work with. Most of them get the hang of it without any instruction on my part. I LOVE Cushy CMS!

- Jeni, Jenda27 Software Training and Web Design

Cushy is simply amazing!!! I have made 100's of websites and have alway had to hassle with piddly little changes my clients need done, not anymore!  No coding skills needed! Now my clients can update the page without messing up my design!  Cushy has saved hours and hours and hours of my life! Thanks!

- Dan Graves, Drainage Direct

Fantastic, easy to use, my clients love it. It's the perfect light-weight CMS.

- James Bingham, Pulp Design

In my opinion CushyCMS is the best free CMS system around. I recommend CushyCMS to all my friends for use on their websites. Its easy to use (even or people with little computer experience) and it works well as well. I've seen expensive programmes that work less well than CushyCMS does! Keep up the good work.

- Miriam Watson, Appen Creations

CushyCMS ROCKS! We use it in every site that we build to give our clients more than just a site that they have to pay someone to change. It saves our clients money and frees up our time to get more sites! I love it!

- Torrie, GooRoo Inc

Cushy CMS is exactly what I was looking for. I love it, the client loves it! Most clients are not very experienced with computers and the web but still want to be able to do their own changes online. Cushy is an excellent solution with a great user-friendly interface. Whenever I need a customised CMS editor I'll upgrade to a Pro account. Thanks for a great service.

- Cristian Rojas

Cushy CMS was introduced to us by our American HQ just after it's launch and we haven't looked back since. We have included the Cushy code into all of our websites which makes cross-website updates fantastically easy. The HTML code is non-intrusive and is easy to implement. We cannot reccommend Cushy CMS higly enough.

- Brian Hogan, www.k2supplies.com

CushyCMS gives my small the clients the opportunity to control their site content without dumping their entire budget into a large scale CMS that would go mostly unused. Super easy for me to set up, super easy for my clients to use.

- Hilary, CODEBLOO Design

What I love about CushyCMS is the simplicity. A lot of my small-business clients just want to update one or two pieces or portions of their website instead of bugging me every month for a tiny little change.  Additionally, my clients would get confused by a robust CMS management panel even if I gave it to them - besides being out of budget, it would be too much to handle. CushyCMS is super simple and laid back. Thanks for helping both me and my clients! Love it. Thanks!!

- Molly, Molly Bean

I use Cushy for 12 clients so far. For one client we are in the process of putting up 9 sites on Cushy. One of them with nearly 2,000 pages. This client loves me for giving him the convenience to changes these pages and I can train his staff to do menial changes in content while I focus on more serious and in depth SEO, development and marketing for his site. Cushy is putting monthly green in my pocket as I branded my pro Cushy account and charge a monthly fee for my clients to access their sites through Cushy CMS. Thanks Cushy, this is a sweet set up.

- Allan Currens

Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful system. This is one of the easiest services I've ever used, and my clients (who are all newbies) find it super easy.  It works brilliantly.  Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

- Willow, PC Voyager

I started using WordPress for CMS, but the main body of our website is still in plain ol' html, and the front page needs frequent updating (we're the biggest singer/sonwriter site in Norway). Even when the webmaster is on holiday, or too busy with other sites. Cushy has been the saviour on many occasions already (we installed it only a few months ago). And so easy to use, simpler than Facebook!

- Oyvind Rauset, Telenor Online

We have been designing website for many years. Cushy CMS is the best of its kind, easy to set-up, intuitive and our customers find it easy to use as well

- Dave West, Paradigm Web Solutions

By far the most flexible CMS solution for web designers to provide for their clients. Easy to use, light weight, and robust. Thanks.

- Travis Holt, Website Delux

Cushy is a fantastic tool for letting me easily assign areas of a site for clients to update, even the most technophobic clients have no trouble navigating its simple, intuitive user interface. I'd recommend it to anyone as a great free alternative to the more complex contribution software.

- Henry Edmonds, Afferatte Designs

Cushy CMS is easy for the developer to install, and even easier for the client to use. The interface has a clean, simple and modern feel, and works intuitively and effectively. Thank you for creating a reliable CMS that I can count on.

- Jeff Unger, Future Access

CushyCMS is a super easy and good CMS for small sites. I use Cushy in a few of my customers sites now and both the customers and me are very pleased with the way it works! Keep on the good work!

- PKV Designs

Cushy is simple, fast and reliable. We suggest this to all of our clients and we've even gone as far as offering an implementation service to encourage more people to use this great web service.

- Sion Butler, Trusted Office

This CMS is fantastically easy to use I showed someone recently how it worked and he was very impressed. The updates are instant - if you know how to use Word you'll know how to use this.

- Lena Benjamin, Ones Business Advice

I couldn't be happier with CushyCMS. As a designer/developer my clients need a simple solution that allow them to update their websites without having to learn any new technical skills. CushyCMS provides that and so much more. Thanks for making my life easier CushyCMS!

- John Shipka, 3Di Focus

CushyCMS makes it incredibly easy for anyone to edit content, and just the content they need, which saves me from fixing things the client broke while trying to update, and saves the client time by not having to remember a large amount of information in order to do something simple, like update the calendar or the bulletin. CushyCMS is the easiest free way to allow my secretary to update documents, upload audio files, and post news items.

- John Minnich, John Minnich

We love CushyCMS because it gives our clients the freedom to edit their websites without the hassle or learning curve present when trying to teach someone how to use web editing software. Clients simply log in, select the page, and make their changes. Easy as that. As a developer, its great because I can set up what is editable so that a client doesnt make a slip and break the page.

- Stacey Bennett, Black Lab Media and Design

Cushy is PERFECT! It's so easy to use for admins and customers alike. There was essentially no learning curve for my clients and it's a super slick interface! So valuable!

- Clinton Begley

What can I say... the no1 cms editor in the world. I was looking for something simple to edit an existing site, and here it is. As far as i'm aware, there is nothing else out there like this service! Thank you!

- Jennifer Santolla, eShopalot

Simply put CushyCMS is great! Simple, easy to use, yet powerful enough to help solve the real challenges faced when approaching a content management solution. We love it, and our schools and owners love it. As a growing group of professional martial arts schools it has allowed all of our locations the tools needed to better serve our valued students and member families. Thanks CushyCMS!

- Dan Miller, Top Kick Online

CushyCMS is simply one of the best and easiest to use Content Management Systems out there!

- Joel Shaw, RVA rocks

CushyCMS makes it incredibly simple for not-so-web-savvy clients make basic changes to copy on static sites, which means improved client satisfaction and less maintenance on our end!

- Kate Schmidgall, Bittersweet Creative

Cushy CMS is great!  Many of my clients are now requesting that they be able to update their websites themselves.  To stay competitive, I realized that I had to offer this service.  ChushyCMS was just what I was looking for.  My clints find it VERY easy to do their own update.  Thank you! 

- Leanne, Treasure Web Designs

I have a few technically challenged clients who really needed to be able to update their own websites. Rather than go for a full-blown CMS which would be total overkill I built their websites with CushyCMS and they are all very happy with the ease of updating. Thank you so much for creating from me and my clients :-)

- Sharon Jackson, Bay Web Designs

I'm a chef/owner of a restaurant.  I'm busy.  Sometimes even frantic.  This is an incredible application.  I can update my homepage with weekly specials, post special events, make menu changes and even change a price on our online menu when the price of Shrimp goes through the roof.  All without waiting on my web guys.  Everyone knows to check our website weekly to see what's going on. This of course drives more google traffic.  Social media doesn't duplicate a well planned and presented Website.  And I'm a chef, not a web designer.  This is idiot proof.  Even my web guys are impressed with how well I can keep this current.  I hate technology, but I LOVE CushyCMS.com.

- Marla Adams, Babettes Cafe

Finally a possibility to avoid a whole heavy-coded cms with database. In my experience as a webdesigner customers basically want to edit certain parts of their webpages....to me CushyCMS is the best and simplest solution to provide an editability without risk.

- Wolfgang Spiegelberg, GMX

As a freelance designer I do not always want to manage a client's site after it's built and I don't like the design limitations of WordPress and other cms's.  For clients that want to be able to update text and images without having to worry about calling me or messing up the formatting their sites, CushyCMS is the answer.  I have used it on a number of sites and it always works flawlessly.  A great resource and one for which I am very grateful!

- David D'Agostino, Southampton Designs

CushyCMS is my first choice for providing clients with an easy way to maintain the websites I create for them. Every client's jaw drops when they see how incredibly easy it is, and shocked at how much time and money it used to take to update a single paragraph of copy before. There may be more powerful web content management systems out there, but none as intuitive.

- Brian Valachovic, Caffeinated Marketing Solutions

CushyCMS is a wonderfully simplistic CMS system.  Easy to implement and simple enough for any client to understand.  Most clients only want to edit just a few things on their site anyway and CushyCMS offers a great way to do it.  With the Pro version you can have your own branded login for a very professional appearance. 

- Andy Waldorp, Click Optimize

Cushy CMS has been instrumental in saving both me and my clients time. No longer do I have to be on call to change text for my clients - even in my Flash projects!

- Nicholas Hauselman, Will Work For Film

WOW!  This is quite a service to offer clients for free.  Amazingly simple to use - the school principal called me within 5 minutes saying he was thrilled and was already editing his site.

- Tom Namey, Namey Design Studio

Cushy is fast and easy! Nothing over the top. Perfect for most of my clients, and myself, who have small changes and just want to get in and out.

- Jimmy Hazard, Jimmy Hazard

Really easy to use, I have limited to zero PHP experience and thought that I would never be able to offer my clients a CMS service. However with Cushy CMS its so easy, just add a class to the tag or container that you want the client to edit and your away! Better still for £20 a month you can have a completely white label CMS solution to sell with all your site designs.

- Chris Andrews, Creative Sheep

Oh my word...I could not believe how easy it was to setup CMS for my customers site. I use Rapidweaver and was really stuck until i came across CushyCMS. You guy's rock...

- Justin Von Weichardt

I'm a webdesigner in Guadalajara Mxico and I've been using cushyCMS about a year or so. Most of my clients are small business whom budgets are very tight for an advanced CMS. CushyCMS is the perfect solution for those kind of projects that require updates to content but can't afford a big management. Cushy is simple, punctual and reliable for accurate content updating. I'm looking forward to become a pro member for fully professional services.

- Carlos Salgado

At first I thought my customers would want more, but it turns out that Cushy CMS provides the solution that most of my client need, as simple updates to limited areas of their web site is all they have time for these days. It takes me about few minutes to set up the page with the code, another few to set it up in my admin, and about 5 minutes to walk my client through the update process. Love it.

- Thomas Joel, I am Tee Jay Digital and Print Media Production

I had been using Contribute to offer a CMS to my clients in the past, but I hated telling them it was going to cost them $200 extra. Not to mention it was not very user friendly. I began searching for a CMS that would not only be easy for the client to understand, but easy for me to implement into my OWN design.
I came across Cushy a while back and after watching the introduction video, I was sold. I just installed Cushy for my first client today and I absolutely love it. ITS SO EASY!!! I WILL be offering this CMS to every client from now on.

- Terrell Robbins, The Studio 23

CushyCMS is a great solution to get a CMS to smaller clients, quickly and easily. Simple, easy, and the pro account is very affordable. Puts other similar CMS apps to shame.

- Greg Smith, elmnt

Cushy CMS is by far the easiest content management system I have come across. One of he most important features in web design is having a content management system which is effortless to use for clients. It is really plug and play or should I say paste and edit. I would like to thank Cushy CMS for a wonderful product.

- Josh, my codes 2

I have been looking for a simple and flexible content management system for my clients for a long time now. The way CushyCMS works is perfect as it allows me to design the site and then determine what content can be updated by the client, while giving them a straightforward user interface. Thank you CushyCMS!

- Jessica Bale, Pikehouse

CushyCMS really enhances the services I have to offer web design clients as a freelance graphic designer. My clients appreciate having the power to edit the content of their new websites, and it saves me the headache of being a webmaster for them in the long run. The variety of features and simplicity of implementation allows me to make as much or as little as I want editable in very little time. Thanks CushyCMS!

- Seth Terpstra, Seth Terpstra Graphic Design

I am the web designer and owner of Web Feet Graphics.  I currently am using CushyCMS to allow my client to edit her own site.  It is very easy to use and I've found ways I can split her pages apart allowing her the ability to edit, but keeping the finer points of HTML invisible to her.  Cushy has given my client and me flexibility without it being to complicated.  And... I have to add that I love the fact I can specify the size of an image and cushy will reduce the size automatically.  So... cool.  Thanks.

- Jaime Rushton, Jaime Works.com

Wow, Cushy CMS is such a great find! I had to find an alternative to Adobe Contribute for a client and this was one of the recommendations. It was easy as pie to set up and my client loves it. I plan to use this again. Thanks Cushy CMS!

- Karen Groves, Groves Design

I've used Cushy as a solution for clients who want to be able to control the content of their website quickly and easily. It's fantastic and I've only had great feedback!

- Creative Intent

As a Web Designer I have used Cushy CMS on many websites. My clients love it for its ease of use and nice interface! I couldn't believe how easy it is to implement each time I design/build a website!

- Neil Mark Thomas

The CMS is so easy to use.  We can usually train our clients in about a half hour and then they can update their own content.  I really like ho you can determine how much your client can alter so that the design of the sire is not compromised with bad content styles.

- Joel Hudson

Very easy to use, really takes the heat off when clients are bombarding you with tweaks.

- Dan Fox, Dan Fox Design

" I, but moreover my clients, love the simpleness of using CushyCMS. As a designer it is so easy to include the classes, upload, add an editor. Great stuff! " - Jantien
" CushyCMS Has Been AMAZING!!! Now all of us at our school can collaborate on our website rather than having to tell one person to do everything :) THANKS CUSHY!!! " - Ben Holloway
" Cushy CMS is a great solution when you need to give your not-so-tech-savvy client limited control over content. The interface is simple and intuitive, and my clients love the service. " - Gabe Friedman
" Simply a great product! It delivers exactly what you need for on the go cms. If you're using this for clients, the pro custom branding looks great and is straight forward! At the right price, this is the solution I was looking for. 5 stars all the way! " - Stephen S, Your Web Business Here
" Cushy has made CMS simple both for the designer and more importantly the client. What's even better is that it doesn't compromise the design. " - Sian Saunders, Daydream Designs
" This is exactly what I imagined when I learned about CMS. If clients have to learn how to edit with a complicated method they might as well make their website themselves. CushyCMS is pure bliss. " - Tomas
" CushyCMS is a legendary content manager. It's a beautiful way to hand over a precious site to a client, giving them the exact amount of access you want! " - Green Graphics
" CushyCMS made it incredibly straight-forward to take a static site and make it editable wherever the client wanted. Both easy and quick to implement, CushyCMS made all the difference to the project. " - Rob Corradi, Neon State
" I really like Cushy CMS. It allows me to lock down certain areas of the website yet still allow my clients to make edits as they need too. They are very proud of their site ... but even prouder that they can now take part in it. Thank you CushyCMS.com! " - Kimberlee Valvick
" Cushy is a great and easy way to enable my web design clients to manage simple content on their websites without any.  Simple. Easy. Cost Effective.  Everybody wins every time! " - Mark Romanalli

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