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The easiest way to change content

Web Designers:

  • Allow clients to safely edit content
  • No software to install, no programming required
  • Takes just a few minutes to setup
  • Define exactly which parts of the page can be changed
  • Produces standards compliant, search engine friendly content

Content Editors:

  • Super. Easy. To. Use.

Over 90,000 websites Cushyfied


You define what's editable and Cushy will take care of the rest. Automagically handling text, html and images.


Define editable areas of your pages with a few CSS classes. Provide FTP details and you're done.


No programming required and no server requirements. You won't even need to train your clients.


Unlimited free usage. Upgrade to the optional Pro plan for custom branding, color scheme and RSS feeds.

What some Cushy users have to say

"Cushy allows me to offer a bolt-on service for my clients after a site has been completed, and helps to create a monthly revenue."
— Chris Holland of 9G Design
"Cushy has made CMS simple both for the designer and more importantly the client. What's even better is that it doesn't compromise the design."
— Sian Saunders of Daydream Designs
"I have been 'Cushyfying' client websites for about a year now. They love it because it gives them control and flexibility, and I love it because it reduces my workload."
— Mike Coombes of KTF Design

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