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Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find anything related to your question, please do a search on our Google Group page before posting on it!

Technical queries

Pro plan

Payment enquiries


Technical queries

Can I create and host my entire site with you?

No. We do not offer any hosting, domain or site creation services -- for Cushy to work properly, your site must already be active and hosted, and you will require the FTP details for that site to plug into Cushy.

How can I test my FTP details are correct?

The easiest method is to use your normal FTP application (eg. Filezilla) to test the hostname, username and password. Make sure you are re-typing these details manually - do not copy and paste, and do not use cached details. Once connected, upload a test file to the server, and watch for any Permission Denied errors. If it uploads successfully, simply delete the file. If you have an error either connecting or uploading your file, you'll need to get in touch with the hosting company and let them know.

Alternatively, test them via command line, in either Windows or MacOS:

  • Windows: Hit Start, Run, and type: command
  • MacOS: Go to the application directory, go to utils, double click terminal
  • In the window that opens, type: ftp ftp.yourserver.com (substitute 'ftp.yourserver.com' with your FTP server's hostname)
  • You should now get a prompt for a username and password. Type these manually, no copy and pasting!
  • If the login appears successful, perform a simple directory command: ls
  • Now change into the directory all your HTML files are kept in (this is usually a folder called public_html, or www, or similar), by typing: cd foldername
  • Once in this folder, perform two simple 'get' and 'put' commands with a random file on the server, by typing: get filename.html and then put filename.html (substituting 'filename.html' for an actual file on your server).
  • If both of these tests pass without error, then your FTP details are fine. End your connection to the FTP server by typing: bye
  • If any of these tests failed with the errors "Connection Refused", "Connection Timeout", "Permission Denied", or anything along those lines, then your details are probably incorrect, or there is server misconfiguration. You will need to get in touch with your hosting company to provide new FTP details or reset server permissions.

Once you have tested the details, replicate them exactly inside your Cushy control panel. Remember that you must choose both the protocol (ftp:// by default), and also type in the full hostname of your FTP server, eg. ftp.yoursite.com, so that altogether, it looks something like: ftp://ftp.yoursite.com/.

My FTP details are correct, or my site is behind a firewall. Why won't Cushy connect?

It's possible that the FTP server is rejecting connections from Cushy. Have the hosting company (or your tech support, in the case of a firewall) whitelist Cushy's IP address:

Some of my editable elements aren't appearing.

This problem occurs mostly when tags with class="cushycms" are nested. You must close whatever tag you opened before creating another with class="cushycms" on it, like so:

Good: <div class="cushycms">Editable text here</div>

Bad:  <div class="cushycms"><p class="cushycms">Editable text here</p></div>

Pro plan

I paid for Pro, but I don't know what to do now.

You may have closed the window or missed the part where you were required to enter your Pro preferences into Cushy. All you have to do is log in to www.cushycms.com, hit "Preferences", and fill in all the new fields. Once you've done this, and selected yourself a subdomain, you must then log in via that subdomain to perform all administration -- and so must your clients.

My account has been downgraded to Free. How do I become Pro again?

Simply re-subscribe via https://cushycms.com/static/pro. Make sure you have actually been downgraded before re-subscribing (you'll know, because your Custom Subdomain will have stopped working).

The error "subdomain is invalid" or "subdomain is reserved" appears when saving my Pro preferences.

Likely causes are a subdomain that is already in use, contains inappropriate terms, or has non-alpha-numeric characters (including hyphens, underscores or full stops) in it.

I / my client can see Cushy branding! What is wrong?

This will happen if you are not using your new custom subdomain to do your administration. Once you've gone Pro, you will not log in via www.cushycms.com again (unless you downgrade to the Free version).

How do I use my own domain name?

Firstly, pick a domain you'd like to use, eg: cms.yoursite.com. Set this in the "Domain" field in your Cushy Preferences. Once you've done that, you will need to create a CNAME DNS record, pointing cms.yoursite.com to www.clienteditor.com. Most hosting companies now provide a control panel for you to create CNAME records; just ensure you do NOT use some kind of "website forwarding" or "website cloaking" tool, as this will not work.

If you can't figure this out, we strongly suggest emailing your hosting company to do it for you -- simply tell them to create a CNAME record pointing cms.yoursite.com to www.clienteditor.com.

Payment enquiries

How do I change my payment details?

Your payment details are managed via your Paypal or Alertpay account. Be aware that if you change your credit card details, these services may cancel active subscriptions, including Cushy. If your account is cancelled or downgraded (you'll know because you will get a 404 error on your custom login page), you can re-subscribe immediately via https://cushycms.com/static/pro.

Can I send Cushy money directly?

No -- please do not send money directly via Paypal or Alertpay. You must be subscribed to the automatic monthly payments to continue your Cushy subscription.

Are there any other payment plans? Can I get a discount?


How can I get Cushy receipts for tax purposes?

Via the Paypal and Alertpay admin systems, there should be options to print invoices or receipts for previous payments. These will be sufficient for the tax man.

How do I cancel my Cushy subscription?

You must downgrade or cancel your subscription via the Paypal or Alertpay admin system. Find a recent payment to CushyCMS, and you'll see a clickable subscription link, where there will be a Cancel button. You and your Editors may continue to administer your websites via cushycms.com after downgrading, as you won't lose any of your settings -- just the ability to use your custom subdomain.


Can I use Lightbox with Cushy?

You certainly can. Since most versions of lightbox require nothing more than rel="lightbox" on your <a> tags to work, you can do this via the Cushy WYSIWYG by first hitting the the image icon to select and upload your thumbnail, then pressing OK. After that, click the "link" icon and flick over to to the Upload tab first, to upload the large version of the image, then over to the Advanced tab to place the word lightbox into the Relationship field.

How do I change font styles in Cushy?

As an Editor, you cannot change font styles. This is purely because styling should always be handled in external CSS (this includes colours). As a Designer, you can cater for a few styling options (selectable when editing via the "Format" drop-down in the WYSIWYG) in your CSS -- from h1 to h6. To reference these styles in your CSS, you might do something like:

.cushycms h1 { font-face: arial, 'lucida console', sans-serif; }

If you are a Pro subscriber, you can let your Editors change fonts and colours by enabling this button in the WYSIWYG -- go into the Configure section for your site, and under "Show Custom WYSIWYG Options", check the "Font Format, Style & Size" and/or "Text & Background Color" boxes.

I can't remember my password / my Editor did not receive a password in their welcome email.

Use the "Recover password" button near the login box to have a new password emailed to your, or your Editor's, email address.

Can I host Cushy locally? Can I pay for a licensed copy?

No and no, sorry.

Do you provide support over the phone?

No. Mainly due to the fact Cushy is dead simple to use, and also because we may be in a totally different timezone, most issues can be simply resolved via the Google Groups or email.

I have a suggestion, where can I send it?

We love suggestions -- head on over to http://cushycms.uservoice.com. If it's already been suggested, make sure you cast your vote for it!

I found a bug or need help with something that isn't covered here!

Post on the Google Group first: http://groups.google.com/group/cushycms?pli=1. Pro users can email us directly for help . The email address for this is visible only if you are signed into your pro account.