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CushyCMSのウェブサイト( "サイト")にアクセスするか、またはあなたが同意すると( "規約")サービスこれらの利用規約に拘束されることを認めるCushyCMS( "サービス")が提供するサービスを使用することによって。これらの規約にまたは当社のプライバシーポリシーに同意されない場合は、サイトにアクセスしたり、サービスを使用しないでください。我々はいつでも、これらの規約を変更する権利を留保します。私たちは、あなたが定期的に変更するため、このサイトをチェックすることをお勧めします。


あなたは、サイトおよびサービスの利用について、単独で責任を負います。CushyCMSは、サードパーティのWebサイトへのコンテンツの投稿が可能になります。第三者のウェブサイト 'コンテンツ、ビジネス慣行とプライバシーポリシーは、当社の管理下にはない、と我々は、任意のサードパーティのWebサイトのコンテンツや、サードパーティのウェブサイトに含まれるリンクの責任を負いません。


CushyCMSは "AS IS"とない、いかなる保証または条件、明示または黙示に関わらず、。SITEとサービスを提供しています CushyCMSは、特に商品性のいかなる黙示の保証、特定目的、非侵害、情報の精度、統合、相互運用性や静かな楽しみのための適合を否認します。州によっては黙示の保証の免責を許可していない、上記の免責事項が適用されない場合があります。

あなたはあなたがそのような使用に起因するいかなる損害についても責任を負うであろうあなた自身の判断とリスクで、そのサイトおよびサービスを使用することを理解し、同意するものとします。いかなる場合においてCushyCMSはを含むがこれらに限らず、(ただし過失によるものを含む、損失、データの損失)いかなるいかなる種類の直接的、間接的、特別、偶発的、結果的または懲罰的損害、またはその他の損害の責任は負いません、使用に関連する損害、誤用、への依存、使用することを不能·遮断、サスペンション、サイトまたはサービスの終了、使用の損失の結果生じたサイトおよび不履行およびその損害で提供されるリンクを介して生じた損害、販売、DATA、信用または利益、かどうかを問わNOT CushyCMSは、このような可能性について知らされていた。本サイトまたはそのサービスの有無CushyCMSに不満に関してYOUR ONLY RIGHTこのサイトやサービスの使用を終了することがすべてです。州によっては偶発的または必然的な損害に対する責任の除外を許可していない、上記の除外はあなたに適用されない場合がありますので。

Cookies Policy

This Cookies Policy explains what cookies are, how CushyCMS (“Cushy”) uses cookies on their websites, and what you can do to manage how cookies are used. We are committed to protecting the personal information we collect when you use our websites and other services. This cookies policy contains more information on the following:

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file which is sent to your computer or mobile device (referred to in this policy as a “device”) by the web server so that the website can remember some information about your browsing activity on the website. The cookie will collect information relating to your use of our sites, information about your device such as the device’s IP address and browser type, demographic data and, if you arrived at our site via a link from third party site, the URL of the linking page.

Cookies record information about your online preferences and help us to tailor our websites to your interests. Information provided by cookies can help us to analyse your use of our sites and help us to provide you with a better user experience.

Cookies are either ‘session’ or ‘persistent’ cookies, depending on how long they are stored for:

Session cookies are only stored for the duration of your visit to a website and are deleted from your device when you close your browser;

Persistent cookies are saved on your device for a fixed period of time after the browser has closed and are activated each time you visit the website where the cookie was generated.

What are the different types of cookies?

Essential or ‘Strictly Necessary’ Cookies

These are cookies which are essential for the running of our websites. Without these cookies, parts of our websites would not function. These cookies do not track where you have been on the internet and do not gather information about you that could be used for marketing purposes.

Functional Cookies

Functional cookies are used to remember your preferences on our websites and to provide enhanced, more personal features. The information collected by these cookies is usually anonymised, so we cannot identify you personally. Functional cookies do not track your internet usage or gather information which could be used for selling advertising.

Analytical Performance Cookies

Analytical performance cookies are used to monitor the performance of our websites, for example, to determine the number of page views and the number of unique users a website has. Web analytics services may be designed and operated by third parties. The information provided by these cookies allows us to analyse patterns of user behaviour and we use that information to enhance user experience or identify areas of the website which may require maintenance. The information is anonymous (i.e. it cannot be used to identify you and does not contain personal information such as your name and email address) and it is only used for statistical purposes.

How does CushyCMS use cookies?

We, together with our trusted partners, use cookies for the following purposes:

Essential and Functional Cookies

We use these cookies to enable certain online functionality including:

Analytical Performance Cookies

We use these cookies to measure users’ behaviour to better develop our websites. By using web analytics services provided by Google Analytics we can analyse which pages are viewed and how long for and which links are followed, and we can use this information to provide more content which is of interest. We also use this analysis to report on our performance.

Removal of Cookies

Cookies, including those which have already been set, can be deleted from your hard drive. You can also change the preferences/settings in your web browser to control cookies. In some cases, you can choose to accept cookies from the primary site, but block them from third parties. In others, you can block cookies from specific advertisers, or clear out all cookies. Deleting or blocking cookies may reduce functionality of the site. To learn more about how to reject cookies, visit www.allaboutcookies.org or go to the help menu within your internet browser. If you experience any problems having deleted cookies, you should contact the supplier of your web browser.

Further information and contact details

Please contact us if you would like more information on the cookies that we use and their purposes.